Daniel Chai and The Fictionals

Prior to Improv Against Humanity’s move to the Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Ian Boothby (author and creator of “No And”) wrote: ‘This is a show that started at a small-ish restaurant and sold it out. Then it moved to a larger venue (420 seats) and sold it out regularly. Now it’s moving to a venue with over a thousand ... Read More »

Journey and Return – An Improvisers Tale with Diana Frances

Many years ago at a Vancouver Improv Festival panel, Diana Frances told the audience that performing improv is 70% confidence.  It struck a cord for me then and still rings true today.  Over the last 15 years I have had the privilege to work with Diana on a variety of different projects.  She has always been one of the most ... Read More »

Improv & Love in Arizona

In June 2014 I went to Phoenix Arizona for my brothers stag.  If you’ve never been to Arizona, I recommend going – IN THE WINTER!  As a BC boy, it felt counter-intuitive to leave Vancouver in JUNE to visit a City that touts health risks for going outside during the day. Aside from that, it was a good place for a stag.  We did everything a ... Read More »

Inspiring Improv with Randy Dixon

It’s Friday June 27 2014 and the 7pm show has just ended at the Seattle International Improv Festival. I’ve never had the opportunity to perform in an International Improv Festival before* and this is my first experience watching the one in Seattle.  The show had an eclectic mix of talent from all around North America and Europe. The audience has ... Read More »

An Interview with Graham Myers

When I was a front-line Youth Worker, I was reminded often by my supervisor “You can have a strong program without a great space but you can’t have a great space without a strong program”.   I think about this in relation to Second Storey Theatre.  Second Storey Theatre was a small black box improv theatre located outside Vancouver, BC.   I was one ... Read More »

News Years Resolution

The Truth: I bought this domain name in the early 2000’s. When people were still talking about buying domain names. I remember my friend telling me about a guy who bought coke.com and sold it to Coca Cola for a lot of money. So I bought www.improvtheatre.com.  Perhaps my initial thoughts were I could make money off this, but what ... Read More »